Terms and Conditions
Members should familiarize themselves with the following Terms and Conditions, which are subject to change from time to time.
1. All individuals are eligible for the New Yorkers Club membership.
2. Membership is free and open only to individuals residing in cities where NYC stores exist.
3. Points accumulated are valid within one year (365 days) and any unused points will reset after the one year period of accumulating the points.
4. Members are required to present their membership cards to enjoy privileges and/or discounts.
5. The safe keep of the membership card is the sole responsibility of the member. Loss or theft of your card is to be reported immediately via email: loyalty@nycoffee.com.
6. New York Coffee reserves the right to correct any member statements or point accruals or balances that are incorrect due to processing errors.
7. New York Coffee reserves the right to adjust point values as and when necessary.
8. Fraud or abuse concerning usage is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by New York Coffee.
9. Points cannot be exchanged with cash.
10. Redemption of points cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotion or offer at New York Coffee.
11. Participating stores may run bonus point promotions under which members are entitled to earn additional bonus points in connection with the purchase of qualifying products.
12. Happy hour offers are subject to change in timing and members will be notified via email.
13. New York Coffee reserve the right to choose invitees to food tasting sessions.
14. Membership card is personal and cannot be transferred to third parties.
15. Employees of New York Coffee are not eligible for membership in the program.
16. New York Coffee reserves the right to refuse membership without a given reason or reject any application.
17. New York Coffee reserves the right to amend, cancel or withdraw the terms of this loyalty scheme at any time.

18. The card will at all times remain the property of New York Coffee .
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